Soporte en Suelo con Shotcrete Reforzado con Macro Fibras

Dr. Ralf Winterberg is specialised in fibre reinforcement for concrete and its application development. He graduated in Civil Engineering (MSc) at the University of Bochum, Germany, and received his PhD on the cracking behaviour of steel fibre reinforced concrete there in 1998.

After several engagements with international steel fibre companies, he joined BarChip Inc. (formerly: Elasto Plastic Concrete) in July 2014, the market leaders in structural synthetic fibre reinforcement, to take up the role as Group Chief Engineer for their worldwide structure. With more than 25 years’ experience he is committed to further develop BarChip’ leadership as a technical solutions provider.

Ralf co-authored and contributed to many German and international guidelines and codes on fibre reinforced concrete. He is an active member of several international working groups and committees dealing with fibre reinforced concrete.

Ralf published numerous papers and articles on the performance of fibre reinforced concrete with a focus on structural and durability improvements and on the fire resistance of concrete. He further shared his knowledge and experience in numerous seminars in many countries worldwide.

In April 2018 he took on the role as President of the Macro Synthetic Fibre Association (, based in Zurich, Switzerland, where BarChip is a founding member.

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